• Founded in 2020 in Berlin then featured in Cairo, beelabee came to life to embrace a feminine and unique dressing style. Offering a range of wardrobe messing-piece designs with a focus on quality and detail, we became a favorite among fashion-conscious shoppers who are looking for something different but timeless and in high quality. 

    Our limited collections are designed in-house by a team of talented designers working with the brand founder "Salsabeel" in the city of diversity Berlin.

    Salsabeel is a software engineer and a painter who combined engineering and art into the brand personality having

    • Elegance 
    • Practicality
    • High quality
    • Uniqueness
    • Timeless 

    as core elements.

  • beelabee takes pride in crafting garments that follow a commitment to both sustainability and exquisite craftsmanship. We exclusively use high-quality sustainable fabrics. Every garment is meticulously handmade, with an engineered cut that reflects precision and attention to detail. This devotion to artistry ensures that our creations not only fit flawlessly but also stand the test of time shining for years in your wardrobe.

    As our team source of inspiration is to listen to the rebel inner voice of our customers, we are constantly expanding our production to include new and exciting pieces from your requests.
    Our continuous dialogs with you helped us along the way to improve and aim for the best, so keep our conversations going!